October 2018
City Hall Tower (Nevsky pr., 31)

From the 1840 the tower was a station for optic telegraph for transmitting signals from the Winter Palace to the Tsarskoye Selo and Warsaw. A strategic object!

In 1884 the tower was equipped with the huge clock by “Fridrich Winter”. By the way, this company also put the mechanisms onto the Admiralty and the Moscow Railway Station. All these clock are still working.







Every one of us thought at least once walking by Nevsky prospect facades: “What was in this building a bunch of years ago? What was the meaning of this building?” So, here are some curious facts.

The Passage (Nevsky pr., 48)

In the 1848 the decision was made to build a trading outpost such as London and Paris shops.  A three-storey building covered by a glass cupola and containing 104 shops was the most modern and fashionable mall of the capital city. By the way this mall is pictured in the “Crocodile or a passage in the Passage” by Dostoevsky. In modern days the Passage is still one of the most beautiful malls in Saint-Petersburg.


The Filippov House (Nevsky pr., 45)

Nowadays you can see a McDonald’s on the corner of Nevsky and Rubinshtein street. But at the start of the XX’s century this building was bought by the famous baker D.I. Filippov and he opened a very popular coffee shop there.




September 2018

The autumn Petersburg has a special atmosphere and rhythm, distinct from summer. The start of the theatrical season implies going out to theaters and exhibitions, and walks in the parks accompanied by leaves and autumn colors give them special charm. The tickets for the annual autumn “Peterhof fountains closing” are already on sale. It will take place on the 21st and 22nd of September, starts at 21:00.

Hermitage. Leiden collection.

Starting on the 5th of September the masterpieces of Netherland art of XVII century from the private Kaplan collection will be shown at the Nikolaevsky hall of the Hermitage. The Leiden collection called after the city where Rembrandt was born was started in 2003. Kaplans, with the passion to the art of Rembrandt and his contemporaries, managed to get a various collection of masters of so called sophisticated art. You can see the paintings of Frank Hals, Jan Vermeer, Rembrandt and his students, as well as two magnificent pictures: “The bear head” of Da Vinci and “Resting young lion” of Rembrandt. Also, eight Hermitage masterpieces are included into the exhibition. The exhibition lasts until 13th of January 2019.


From Hotel Vera on trolleys 5,7, 11 to the “Dvortsovaya square”.

Mystery artist

From the 14th of September until 5th of November in one of art spaces, which is being held in secret almost until the start, there will be held an exhibition of 100 objects of world-famous street-artist Banksy. These are original works, 3D-objects, rare prints, photos and much more. An artist with a motto “catch me if you can”, provocateur and joker, he has changed the public opinion on the street art. His ironic and witty works aimed against the war, politics, capitalism and moralism are at the aim of photographers, journalists, art critics and collectioners. The Banksy art is the modern mythology and each one of us can see the modern times reflected in it.

August 2018

Every year during the summer Saint Petersburg becomes a concert hall for a bunch of musical bands of different styles. And open-air music is the brightest form which gets more and more fans annually.

Концерты Summer Music Park

The Botanical Garden will hold an exclusive open-air event. Six unforgettable evenings, each having it’s own program.

On the 17th and 24th August cello musician Dmitry Ganenko will present his new solo project Ganenko Band including electro-cello, violin, keyboard instruments and drums. The guests will hear world rock and classic hits: Show Must Go On, Shape Of My Heart, Skyfall, Now We Are Free, Thunderstruck, Game Of Thrones, Vivaldi, Piazzolla.

On the 25th August the lead singers of Mariinsky Theater Oksana Shilova (soprano) and Alexander Trophimov (tenor) will charm the guests with famous opera arias and duets from Verdi, Chaikovsky, Puccini, Offenbach, Calman and Donicetti.

On the 18th August, as well as 19th and 26th symphonic A Tempo Orchestra under the guidance of Anton Gakkel will perform the famous soundtracks from Hollywood blockbusters Pirates of The Carribbean, Gladiator, Star Wars, Harry Potter saga, James Bond and other movies.

All performances are being held from 21:00 until 23:00, admittance 1000 Rubles. The Botanical Garden Of Peter The Great, Professor Popov street, 2. From Hotel Vera on the trolleys 5, 7, 11 to the Nevsky Prospect Metro station, then on the metro to the “Petrogradskaya” station.

Roof Music Fest 2018

The Saint Petersburg Roof Music Fest has become a nice tradition since its beginning in 2012. The musicians and the public meet on the lively roof of the Roof Place. It’s an open space with the stage under the cupola in the middle and an astonishing view of the Finnish Bay. By the way, it’s a former leather factory building.

August 16th Jenya Lyubich

August 23rd Animal JaZZ

August 26th Rita Dakota

August 28th “Jazz on the roof”

August 30th Krec

Start at 20:00, admittance 800 Rubles. Vasil’evsky island, Kojevennaya liniya, 30.

July 2018

All that jazz

Jazz is akin to football – unpredictable, exciting and unforgettable! That’s where the self-expression freedom is! For the performers, just as in football, the most precious is the bright impressions for the audience. And for the audience it’s the atmosphere!

We present the jazz events of the July…


On the 13th of July in the Museum of Societ arcade machines you’ll see people captivated by the art and you’ll hear the true emotional jazz. Starts at 20:30, admittance 650 rubles. Tickets are for admittance to any free seat. Address: Konyushennaya square, 2B.


On the 15th of July on the summer square HI-HAT a JAzzz Party on the roof will be held. An evening accompanied by the jazz sounds and panoramic view of Saint Petersburg. On the program – bands, Harlem master of ceremonies Florian and real Bootlegger times gangsters. Starts at 19:00, prices from 1000 to 2000 Rubles. Address: Aptekarsky prosp., 4.


27-29 of July. PetroJazz 2018 – one of the biggest international Jazz fests, being held open-air from 2003. More info at www.petrojazz.ru


28th of July. Jazz manor of Elagin island. Saint Petersburg organizes for the seventh time one of the most beloved open-airs of the country. More info:  www.usadba-jazz.ru




All Saint Petersburg games of the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be held on the new stadium “Saint Petesburg” on the Krestovsky island. The arena is built on the place of the legendary stadium of Kirov and nevertheless the hard history of building is now one the most spacious and modern stadiums of the country. During the football matches it will accommodate 68 000 fans. The stadium has perfect infrastructure: 8 cafes, 8 restaurants for 5 thousand seats, and more than 2 thousands of WCs including ones for disabled people. It is the tallest stadium in Russia – 79 meters high!

“Fan Fest”

Don’t worry if you didn’t get the tickets for the matches on the stadium “Saint Petersburg”, the “Fan Fest” will be held from 14th of June until 15th of July near the huge screen on the Konyushennaya square where you can watch every match of the World Cup 2018. The space holds up to 15 thousand people and includes the nearest walking zone – partly Moika river embankment and Marsovo Pole. The entrance to the fan-zone is free for everyone – you can get there through the 6 portals equipped with special security measures for the safety of guests. Moreover, on the 12th of July there will be held a big concert – one of the headliners will be famous Russian singer Zemfira.

The World Cup matches in Saint Petersburg  schedule

15th of June, Marocco – Iran, 18:00

19th of June, Russia – Egypt, 21:00

22nd of june, Brasil – Costa-Rica, 15:00

26th of June, Nigeria – Argentina, 21:00

3rd of July, 1/16 finals, 17:00

10th of July, semifinals, 21:00

14th of july, match for 3rd place, 17:00



MAY 2018

Nation-wide “Georgian ribbon” event traditionally starts in the first week of May and thousands of people in Saint Petersburg carry it on the eve of 9th May. This is a touching date for every person in our country, irrespective of ethnicity. This is our memory and a sign of our gratitude to the soldiers, our fathers and grandfathers, who stood for the freedom of the Motherland in very hard conditions for 4 long years.

Getting ready for the World Cup

In a one and a half month Russia will greet the Football World Cup and the preparations of the infrastructure are getting to an end:

- Until 13th of May the Nevsky Avenue will be renovated;

- In the nearest weeks two Metro stations “Novokrestovskaya” and “Begovaya” will be opened;

- In the first half of May Betankur or Severny Bridge will be opened (through Malaya Neva);

- The former Terminal-2 of Pulkovo will be prepared to greet chartered flights with fans;

- Sport training facilities are mostly ready and are in Pavlovsk, Lomonosov and Zelenogorsk, the foreign teams will stay there.

Three park season openings

The fountains in Peterhof traditionally went live in the end of April. All parks and most museums now work by the summer schedule. The official opening is on 19th of May – The fountain festival accompanied by “Palace saga” performance.

In the Ekaterininsky and Alexandrovsky parks of the Tsarskoe selo the sculptures have started to get free of the winter “clothing” – special casings. Ekaterinisky park is being dried and will be open to the guests when the sunny and dry weather comes.

Pavlovsky park now works on the summer schedule. In the end of May here will be held traditional “Lilac promenade” with a concert.


On the Hotel Vera reception you can get the most actual information on the events and parks and palaces schedules, as well as the information on transportation to suburbs.

April 2018

The Northern Capital has lots of interesting places which you should visit at least once during lifetime. We’d like to introduce to you a couple of places, and two stories, completely different, but united by time and style.

Art-Café “Stray Dog”

The cellar in the house 4 on Italyanskaya street during its creation – from 31st December 1911 until March 2915 – has become a legendary place, and some of its patrons will be named as The Silver Age geniuses afterwards. Anna Akhmatova, Osip Mandelstam, Nikolai Gumilyov, Igor Severyanin, Vladimir Mayakovskiy, Velimir Khlebnikov, Vsevolod Meierhold, Alexei Tolstoy, Konstantin Balmont liked to gather there, and this list can be continued. In 2012 the art-café “Stray Dog” celebrated it’s 100-year anniversary. During its century long lifetime the cellar changed externally, but the unique atmosphere is still here. Today they hold performances, concerts, and exhibitions here. The scene of art-cellar greets actors and singers, bands, program has lots of performances about the historical past of the café. The diverse menu includes the same dishes that were served to its legendary guests. The average admission fee – 1000 RUB, the address is still Italyanskaya street, 4.

From the Hotel Vera by trolley 5,7,11 to the stop “Kanal Griboedova”, then 5 minutes on foot.

Vitebsky Railway Station

The modern building of the Vitebsky Railway Station was opened on the 1st of August 1904. The metal cupola, marble stairways, stained-glass windows, mirrors and brass handles, ornament and stucco work on the walls, artistic panels – it was the first public building in the capital made in the Art Nouveau style. Apart from its magnificent architecture the Railway building stunned the passengers by such equipment as elevators, transporters and widely used electricity. It’s the only Railway Station where railroad goes through the upper floor. And it that state you can see it today. It’s the memorial to the Modern epoch which charms with its beauty. However, the history of Vitebsky (or Tsarskoselsky then) Railway Station, which was wooden then, goes to the year 1837, to the year of celebratory opening of the first Russian railway. The first locomotive of that time set the record – to Tsarskoye Selo in 35 minutes.

It’s better to get there by Metro: “Ploshad Vosstaniya” – “Pushkinskaya” (no route changes). The ground-level foyer of Metro station “Pushkinskaya” is near the Vitebsky Railway Station.

March 2018

Everyone knows the history of the March holiday (which is noted by UN as the Day for the women rights), but there are places on Earth where this history is traditionally ignored. Here in Russia for example the 8th of March is the holiday of spring and beauty! This is the celebration for our mothers and loved women! On this day we give flowers, ask guests to come and set the tables. And by the way – Hotel Vera congratulates all women with the 8th of March! Be happy, loved and healthy, Dear women!

Soviet Modernism

“Looking for a modern style. Leningrad experience. Second half of 50s – mid 60s.” exhibition has opened in the Mramorny palace. Visiting this exhibition is like an excursion to the Soviet past: these items we love and remember from the childhood, from the apartments and dachas of our grandparents and parents. The exhibition is composed from more than 200 items of arts and crafts, graphics, paintings and sculptures – the first signs of “modern style” in the Soviet art. As distinct from Stalinist Empire style and avant-garde these items should have been accessible for everyone and easily fit into the homes. Pictures, statuettes, dinnerware sets and other works of Leningrad artists started a new wave in arts – Soviet modernism. The exhibition is open until 16th of April, Tuesdays off. Address: Millionnaya street, 5/1.


From Hotel Vera on bus 46 to the stop “Suvorovsakaya ploshad”, then 5 minutes on foot.


“Boris Smelov” in the General Headquarters

The photographer Boris Smelov was known as a legend of Petersburg photography even while he was alive. His life was short, only 47 years (1951-1998), but his artistic expression of Petersburg is staggering and is equal to Brodsky poetry. The Smelov’s key genre is city landscape. Only 20 works in black and white, gifted to the Hermitage by collector N.N. Gordeev in 2015, compose this humble by the scale exhibition. But every one of them is amazing! Open until 1st of April, Mondays off.


From Hotel Vera on trolley 5, 7, 11 to the stop “Dvortsovaya Square”, entrance to the General Headquarters from the Dvortsovaya Square.



Events in February 2018

Winter fairwell or Maslenitsa Carnival is one of few folk celebrations that come from pagan ages. It doesn’t have a fixed date and is being held on the last week before Great Fasting of the orthodox calendar. On the Sunday of February 18th people will have outdoor parties with singing, dancing, jesters, blintzes and street fairs either in the city (Petropavlosvkaya fortress and Elagin Island), or outside of it in the parks of Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Gatchina. Join in!

Russia - my history

A new project dedicated to Russian history was launched in December. It’s called «Russia - my history» and covers the period from IX century to the present. It’s quite a unique project, because lots of information technology like projectors, screens, panels and the like have been used there. Pictures, old photos, documents, articles about history, videos and a lot of other multimedia stuff are available so that the visitors can actually see, feel and perhaps even understand the history of our Motherland. The exhibition takes place in a new museum. You can learn about Rurikovichs dynasty, Romanovs dynasty, and XX century. All those issues are represented with modern technologies. The museum provides visitors with loads of images and videos to make it easier to get the information and plunge into the atmosphere of the distant past and even get the sense of travelling in time.


The museum is located near Park Pobedy metro station on Basseinaya street 31. It’s open from Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 till 20.00. Free admission until the 1st of April


From Vera Hotel on foot or by trolley bus to Ploshad Vosstania metro station, then to Park Pobedy metro station, then about ten minutes on foot to Basseinaya street 31.

February 10 Pushkin Memorial day

This year 10 February marks 181 years since the greatest Russian poet was killed in a duel. Pushkin Memorial Museum has prepared some traditional events for that special date. On that day the visitors to the museum might walk the way Pushkin contemporaries did in 1837. There will be two excursions: a bus trip to the place where the duel happened and the other from Pushkin’s flat to The Saviour’s Church where he was given last rites. Ceremonial meeting and performance of students of Theatrical Institute will take place in concert hall of the museum. The event begins at 12.00. Free admission.


From Vera Hotel by trolleybus №5, №7, №11 to the Moyka river Embankment, then 10 minutes on foot along the embankment to the house , then 10 minutes on foot along the embankment to the house № 12.


Happy 2018, friends! We wish you well-being and success in the New Year!

Please note the short list of the important events of 2018 in Russia:


Russian citizens can now get an electronic passport starting this year – a plastic analog of the usual one.


January 15-21 – Figure Skating European Championship is being held in Russia.


March 28 – Presidential Elections in Russia.


June 14 – July 15 – FIFA World Cup in Russia.


Two high-speed railways will be opened for World Cup: Saint-Petersburg – Moscow and Moscow – Yekaterinburg.


The automotive bridge across Kerchenskiy strait will be opened in December 2018, the railway bridge – in 2019.


The opening of Lahta-Center (the tallest skyscraper in Russia and Europe) is planned for the end of 2019.

Forums and exhibitions in Saint Petersburg in 2018:

March 20-22 – Saint Petersburg Technical Fair.


March 21-23 – International Forum “Ecology of Big City”.


April 6-8 – International Tourist Exhibition “Leisure Without Borders”


April 11-13 – International Pharmaceutical Exhibition “IPHEB Russia”.


April 25-27 - Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF)


May 24-26 – Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)


September 13-15 - Global Fishery Forum & Seafood EXPO


September 18-21 – International Convention and Exhibition “Kino EXPO”


October 2-5 – The 8th Saint Petersburg International Gas Forum


October 2-5 – “ROS-GAS-EXPO 2018”


October 2-5 – “Offshore Marintec Russia” Arctic Marine Technologies Exhibition


October 11-13 – “INWETEX-CIS Travel Market” Huge international tourism exhibition


November 13-16 – “PAP-FOR Russia” International forum for pulp and paper industry


November 28-30 – International Forum “Russian Manufacturer”

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