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JUNE 2020


ВIn connection with the COVID-19 outbreak in our city, a number of measures have been introduced since March 18, 2020 to ensure the safety of the city's residents.

From June 1, 2020, a regime of more lenient restrictions will come into force – you can be without PPE (personal protective equipment) on the streets, but you must wear them in transport and when visiting public places.

Self-incarceration was abolished for persons over 65 years of age. The validity of social travel tickets has been restored.

However, many restrictions remain in effect, and the time frame for their complete cancellation may change.

City parks and squares are still closed to the public until June 14. Suburban Palace parks of Peterhof, Pavlovsk and Pushkin are also closed to the public.

In Saint Petersburg, it is still prohibited to hold sports, cultural and entertainment, public and other mass events, including the provision of social services of this nature. Any leisure activities are also prohibited.

All metro stations will be closed to passengers at 22: 00. Ground transport will stop working at 23: 00.

Most of the theaters and museums in our city (as well as all over the world!) during this period, it provides online access for visitors.


You can also visit the legendary  "Aurora" virtually from home. The Museum invites everyone to walk through the ship's rooms, go down to its engine room, take a walk on the upper deck, and examine the guns. At the same time, you can learn a lot about the exhibits collected on "Aurora".



Excursions to the museums of Saint Petersburg

Here are links to online tours of the largest museums in our city. In the context of measures to prevent the epidemic visiting the Museum without leaving your home is a great option to spend your free time and enjoy the masterpieces of art in a comfortable and safe environment.



Bridge layout in Saint Petersburg


You can admire the separated bridges while walking, but it is better to drive along the embankments: the first four bridges over the Neva river are separated in an interval of 15-20 minutes. A good place to watch is the Arrow of Vasilievsky island. From this perspective, you can observe the separation of the Palace and Trinity bridges. In addition to watching the process, you can listen to a musical fountain. Palace, Admiralty and University embankments are becoming more and more popular. The largest audience gathers there.


schedule 2020

Alexander Nevsky bridge


02:20 — 05:10


Birjevoy bridge


02:00 — 04:55


Blagoveshensky bridge


01:25 — 02:45 и 03:10 — 05:00


Bolsheokhtinsky bridge


02:00 — 05:00


Volodarsky bridge      


02:00 — 03:45 и 04:15 — 05:45


Dvortzovy bridge


01:10 — 02:50 и 03:10 — 04:55


Liteiny bridge


01:40 — 04:45

Troitzky bridge


01:20 — 04:50


Tychkov bridge


02:00 — 02:55 и 03:35 — 04:55


Finlandsky bridge    


02:20 — 05:30


Sampsonievsky bridge (*) 


01:30 — 04:30


Grenadersky bridge (*)   


01:30 — 04:30


Kantemirovsky bridge (*)  


01:30 — 04:30


*Sampsonievsky, Kantemirovsky and Grenadersky bridges are built from 1: 30 to 4: 30 by prior request for two days. If they are going to be divorced, information will appear on the official site of the bridge layout.

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