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october 2020


Since October 1, 2020, due to the epidemiological situation in our city, it is mandatory to wear PPE (masks and gloves) when traveling on public transport, by taxi, as well as when using car sharing services


With a black belt in performing powerful and complex shows, Kadebostany has been creating an absolutely indescribable atmosphere at top-level festivals across Europe for more than 7 years. Each tour is a completely new world, consisting of singles that occupy leading positions in all world charts. In 2020, the Kadebostany Empire will once again shake the world!

Where: Aurora Concert Hall, Pirogovskaya nab., 5/2, +7 (812) 907-19-17

When: Saturday, October 10, 20:00

Triumphal organ. Voice, trumpet, ballet

Grand organ show in the Cathedral of Jaani Kirik! What could be more majestic than an organ?! An instrument that is rightfully considered the king of all musical instruments, and its sound is like angelic voices and trumpets! In the new triumphal organ Concert, we will turn to the origins of music. We will make a real musical journey to ancient Europe to hear rarely performed works and famous masterpieces. The Cathedral of Jaani Kirik has an amazing acoustics that allows you to open up any timbre. Have you ever heard how an organ is combined with a pipe? Can a gentle voice sound like an organ? The soloist on the trumpet will be an artist of the Mariinsky theater - Gennady Nikonov and Alexey Ivanov. The musicians will perform in a beautiful duet with the organ the music of Bach and Stamm, written for these instruments. At the end of the concert, you will see a dance to the sounds of the organ performed by the ballet soloist Olesya Gapienko - the incredible magic of the human body and the music of J. S. Bach.

Where: Yaani Kirik concert hall, 54A Dekabristov str.,

When: October 9, 20.00, October 18, 19.00, November 8, 19.00, November 22, 19.00, December 6, 19.00, December 13, 19.00

Masterpieces of world classics Saint Petersburg Opera

This evening, guests will hear a real festive assortment of the best Opera productions of the XIX and XX centuries. Soloists of the theater, who successfully perform all over the country, will perform in front of the audience.

Under the roof of the Palace-the mansion of Baron von Derviz, the theater's artistic Director, Yuri Alexandrov, gathered bright talents from all over the country. Saint Petersburg Opera artists are winners of many national and international competitions.

The festive program will consist of the best arias of the most famous operas by outstanding composers of that time: Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninoff, Mussorgsky, Verdi, Bizet, Donizetti, Gounod, Puccini and Rossini.

Where: Saint Petersburg Opera , Galernaya street, 33, +7 (812) 312-39-82 (ticket office), +7 (812) 314-22-83 (administrator)

When: October 17, 19.00, October 24, 19.00

Carl Faberge and the Great War

Despite the obvious jewelry specialization, the company of Carl Faberge during the First world war adapted its workshops to the needs of wartime. Having received a military order in 1914, the Faberge factory was renamed the Moscow mechanical plant, which produced grenades, shell casings, pots and washbasins, camp samovars and kettles, lighters and glasses. Defense products did not lose the traditional accuracy and quality of the jewelry house, and items intended for members of the Royal family continued to be monogrammed. One of these is a pan for sterilizing syringes of Grand duchesses Olga and Tatiana, who served as nurses in the hospital deployed in the main halls of the Winter Palace. Today, in one of these halls, you can see things that are atypical for the Faberge brand, adapted to the needs of the war.

Where: Saint Petersburg, Dvortsovaya PL., 6-8

When: until December 15, 2020


In the space on the Obvodny channel, the works of Banksy — an intriguer, brawler and luminary of the world of street art-are shown. The artist's personality is still covered with legends and speculation, and the audience will learn about the appearance of new works from his instagram. For the multimedia show, reproductions of Banksy's key graffiti were collected, in which he acts primarily as a social critic. The exhibition also shows fragments of the film "Exit through the souvenir shop" — an author's film where the artist reflects on the corruption of art.

Where: Lumiere Hall, Saint Petersburg, nab. The bypass channel, 74D

When: until November 8, 2020

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