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february 2020

The legendary show "Favorites of the moon. Kiss" last time on stage "Leningrad Center"

"Favorites of the moon. Kiss" is the most romantic show of "Leningrad Center" about the adventures of two loving hearts: one of them is on Earth, and the second is on the moon. Farewell screenings will begin on Valentine's Day.

The plot is inspired by the film "kiss" by french screenwriter and Director Stephane Le Ley. Directed By Felix Mikhailov.

"Favorites of the moon. Kiss" is created in the author's genre of stage collage, where various types of arts are combined: multimedia, choreographic, vocal and acrobatic. More than fifty artists are involved in the production, including Alexey Ishmaev, winner of world international competitions, Ekaterina Kachaeva and Natalia Logvinenko (masters of sports of Russia in gymnastics, participants of the Olympic games ceremony in Sochi), Andrey Konyukh (winner of the International competition of vocalists named after him. B. T. Shtokolov).

Where: Leningrad Center, Potemkinskaya, 4, lit. A. checkout hours from 12: 00 to 22: 00

When: February 13 - March 8, 2020

Special screening of the film "1917" and discussion of the film with Mikhail Trofimenkov

On February 9, the Leningrad Center cinema hall will host a screening of the film "1917" — one of the main contenders for the "Oscar" in the "Best film" category.

A few hours before the start of the ceremony, which will take place on the same day on Hollywood Boulevard, we invite you to watch and discuss the film by Sam Mendes with the historian and film critic Mikhail Trofimenkov, author of the best-selling book about war, peace and art "XX century presents: frames and cadavers".

The film has 10 Oscar nominations, 9 BAFTA nominations And 78 international awards, including the Golden globe for best Director and best film in the drama category, the producers Guild Award, and 4 Hollywood critics Association awards.

The film will be shown in English with Russian subtitles.

Where: Leningrad Center, Potemkinskaya, 4, lit. A. checkout hours from 12: 00 to 22: 00

When: February 9, 2020, 18-00

the world's only Museum of military costume

The Museum of military costume was decided to create in order to perpetuate the memory of the heroism and courage of soldiers who fell for their Fatherland on numerous battlefields.

For more than four centuries, the military costume of the Russian military has changed about two dozen times.

Military uniforms change with each ruler, world fashion, and military systems. Many interesting historical events can be traced in military uniforms, including the appearance of field uniforms, braid and field shoulder straps.

The Museum of military costume is not just a place where you can see how and what the soldiers of the tsarist army were dressed, starting from the time of its Foundation. It contains many old photos and drawings that restore the course of military operations or the life of soldiers.

When: daily from 12: 00 to 18: 00

Where: the 3rd Sovetskaya st, 8B, 1-2 floor

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