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September 2019

Fountain Festival in Peterhof

The autumn fountain festival will last from September 20 to 21. This season the guests of the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve will be presented with the multimedia performance #Empress2019.

Enchanting show will be held in honor of Empress Catherine the Great, who was born 290 years ago. Many of the key milestones of her biography are connected specifically with Peterhof. Here she was the bride of Prince Peter Fedorovich and the unfortunate wife of Emperor Peter III, after she found her lover - Count Grigory Orlov. Catherine came to Peterhof for welcome meetings with her son. The long and difficult reign of the empress also began in Peterhof, which she especially appreciated, recalling her father, Peter I.

At the Autumn Fountain Festival, viewers will find themselves in a vivid performance about the fate of Catherine II, a provincial girl who is destined to become the Great Empress, a woman who will change the lives of Russians forever.

#Empress2019 - a modern show with three-dimensional projections, a strong pyrotechnic component, high-tech lighting effects, lasers and a video sequence included. The holiday will last about 1 hour, but a complete immersion in the reality of the XVIII century is inevitable. At the end of the festive evening, the organizers will surprise guests with a grandiose firework.

The opening of the Autumn Festival of Fountains will take place on September 20 at 21:00.

The price of the admission ticket is 1000 rubles. Children under 7 years old will be allowed to enter for free.

Festival "EARLYMUSIC".

On September 14, the opening of the EARLYMUSIC International Festival will take place in the state academic chapel. Audiences will present the music of the Baroque, Classicism, Renaissance and Middle Ages, which connects Russia with the traditions of Europe. Performances by artists will immerse the guests of the concert in the court life of the 18th century and introduce them to Persian, Russian, Ottoman, Japanese, Chinese and other cultures.

The headliner of the first section is the talented German violinist Christian Tetslaff. His parts will turn the viewer to the works of Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, Bartok, Bach and Ligeti.

The second part of the concert promises to be no less brilliant. The artistic director of the festival, the baroque violinist Andrei Reshetin, together with the St. Petersburg Ballet of Anjolini, will return Bach's opuses to the roots. To show the basis of the musical masterpieces of the great composer will help dance.

The opening of the festival will be held at: st. Palace Embankment, 34 (Hermitage Theater).

Concert program start time: 19 hours 00 minutes.

The festival will delight city guests and citizens until October 9th.

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