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November 2020


From October 26, restaurants, cafes, canteens, buffets, bars and eateries will not be able to serve visitors from 23:00 to 06:00. Exceptions are made for delivering orders to homes, businesses, and hotel rooms. Points at train stations, airports, and gas stations can also operate at night. At the same time, "activities in the field of recreation and entertainment" on the territory of public catering facilities are prohibited. That is, even in the daytime and in the evening, bars and restaurants will not be able to hold concerts, show programs, and the restriction will also apply to karaoke and dance floors. Starting from October 26, a ban on children's entertainment centers will also be introduced. Now only children's playrooms up to 50 square meters will be allowed. m in supermarkets, restaurants and shopping centers. There are no restrictions on other cultural and mass events.

Wearing masks and gloves in public places, transport, and taxis is mandatory.

Interesting route around the metro station Chernyshevskaya

Better safe than sorry thing. Travel from St. Petersburg to Moscow

Sculptures, furniture, and objects of applied art accompanied the life of many generations of Sheremetevs and regularly moved from one manor house to another. Fifty items stored in the Moscow family residence in the Ostankino estate were brought to the Sheremetyevo Palace in St. Petersburg. Once again in the mansion on Fontanka, things allowed you to recreate the historical appearance of several rooms at once. Now the interiors of the Etruscan, Crimson and Stucco drawing rooms look the same as when they were first owned in the XVIII and XIX centuries.

Where: Saint Petersburg, nab. Fontanka river, 34

Zhang Huan. In the ashes of history

Zhang Huan is a contemporary Chinese artist who became famous after a number of high-profile performances in China and the United States. In the mid-2000s, the artist began creating paintings in a unique technique: most of his large-scale works are written with ashes from incense from Buddhist temples. One of these works is a forty-meter group portrait of the Communist party of China, which will occupy almost the entire wall of the Nikolaev hall. The exhibition will also feature works in another unusual technique, which is a mix of photography and wood carving. Some of the wooden reliefs are based on paintings from the Hermitage collection. A special series of works "Love" / "Love" will be a response to the personal stories of people affected by the coronavirus. The title refers to the tragic story of a pregnant woman who died from the virus. In total, the exhibition will include more than 30 works by the artist, many of which were created specifically for the Hermitage.

Where: Hermitage, Saint Petersburg, Dvortsovaya PL., 2

Willie Inauen. Composition The Cross «Monto Generoso»

Willy Inauen is a Swiss-born jeweler, artist,and storyteller. One of the main works that he worked on for several years is a jewelry composition in the form of a cross "Monte Generoso". This is a real cross made of gilded silver in human growth. It is decorated with precious stones and 12 stone plates, each of which is dedicated to a separate story — for example, "Hope", "Mystery"or " Desire". Inauen donated this composition along with his other works to the Sheremetyevo Palace in 2014, where they can now be seen in a permanent exhibition.

Where: Saint Petersburg, nab. Fontanka river, 34

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