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MARCH 2019

A mere 25 years ago in the Summer Garden you could see the Petersburg old ladies who were born in the twenties of the last century. They wore summer hats or white panamas, held reticules and umbrellas, wore shoes onto the socks. And if you sat in the last row of benches places as a theater during the military orchestra concert, you could see legs moving under the benches as the waltz played. These were the orthopedic boots, old sandals and canvas shoes. All of them tapped, stomped and swinged with music. Still, the military orchestra plays on Sundays in the Summer Garden, but one who witnessed THE concerts, won’t ever forget these women.

Dear Grandmas and Moms! We love you! We remember about you! We appreciate your care! We adore the stories of your youth! Be well and happy! Congratulations with 8th of March!

“My best painting” art exhibition vernissage

An exhibition by informal art association from Saint Petersburg “Apartment 16” is called “My best painting”. “Apartment 16” is a spontaneous artists association, who come to work in the workshop of Anatoly Zaslavsky.

They work together, communicate, exchange ideas, and influence each other’s art. The exhibition consists of different works – some are from famous masters and some from the developing beginners.

The exhibition started in January 2019 in the hall of State Hermitage branch in Vyborg and now moved to the Hotel Vera on Suvorovsky Avenue 25.

The main idea is to summarize the 2018, each artist presented his best work of the year.

You can familiarize yourself with the works of more than 20 Petersburg artists. Not all of the paintings can be bought since lots of them are already a part of private collections, but some of the best are still on sale.

By opening this exhibition Hotel Vera states its new direction – a club for people, interested in our city history, architecture, art.

Hotel also opens its halls on Suvorovsky for excursions, since the building is a unique example of “Northern Modern” architecture style, built in 1903 and carefully restored to save original interiors and elements of the time.

The official opening happened on the March 13.

The exhibition is open until mid-April.

Anatoly Zaslavsky and Hotel Vera owner Sofia Pesochinskaya


The beginning of March will be celebrated in Russia with Maslenitsa – a folk holiday symbolizing start of spring. The Maslenitsa week starts on 4th of March and ends on 10th. It’s usual to make pancakes during this time – a symbol of sun – and to meet with relatives and close people. On the Shrove Sunday – the last day of Maslenitsa – it’s supposed to forgive all sores, to make fist-fighting tournaments, round dances, riding ice slopes and in the end of the celebration to burn a straw scarecrow symbolizing the winter. This year Petersburg will have a traditional Maslenitsa. Folk carnivals are planned to be held on Zayachii Island, Elagin Island, Youzhno-Primorskii Park and Sestroretsk “Dubki”.


For more info ask the Hotel Vera reception.




V Contemporary photography biennale

Until the 25th of March the halls of Mramorny Palace will hold a Russian Museum exhibition project devoted to modern photography. Not only the professionals but also the amateurs can show off their works. The project started in 2009 and once in two years demonstrates the variety of techniques, genres and directions in modern photo-art, while also leaving the freedom to authors. The V biennale greets 295 authors from 71 areas of Russian Federation. The exhibition is divided into themed blocks: “City”, “Still-lfe”, “Nude”, “Landscape”, “Daily life”,“ Portrait” and every biennale gets a catalogue.


From Hotel Vera on bus №46 to the “Suvorovskaya ploshad” stop, then 5 minutes walk.



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