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July 2019


Leningrad Center on Potemkin Street is a two-hall show theater with its own art gallery and rooftop restaurant. The historic mansion with more than a century of history served as a panoramic cinema in the middle of the 20th century and was reconstructed in the middle of 2010 by the architect Ricardo Boffil - one of the most famous architects working in the postmodernism genre. Now this mansion is a unique art space, which has no analogues in St. Petersburg. The main pride of the Leningrad Center is its show: the performances combine multimedia technologies, choreography of all possible directions, the most complex acrobatic and circus techniques, vocal, physical theater, drama and comedy. It is necessary to note the “Russian Bloc” Russian cuisine restaurant located right under the roof - the concept restaurant aspires to become the most important meat restaurant in Russia. The cuisine of Russian provinces, the highest quality Russian meat and more than 60 unique dishes, half of which you will not find anywhere else.


Timeless is a love story on the border with reality. Twelve women, lost and locked in the space of infinity, are awaiting the decision of their fate. In their world everything is possible. But the stories of their lives are not yet finished, and the man who was summoned in a seance will become the master of their lives. The main character touches the memories of the heroines, reviving them, forcing them to flash emotions, reviving feelings and experiences. One by one, he unfolds a picture of their life, being each heroine in the guise of the one they loved ...


The performance, characterized more as a “theatrical attraction”, consisting of a combination of a wide variety of genres, with elements of a circus, a musical theater and a concert of a guitar with an orchestra.


When: every Friday and Saturday of July and August


How to get there: from the Hotel Vera 20 minutes along Parade Street.

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