Art Nouveau Hotel Vera "House Stepnova" in St. Petersburg

Hotel Vera is located in what was formerly the apartment house of the merchant Stepnov at Suvorovsky Prospect 25. Stepnov House was designed by the architect Gorlensky in 1903 in the Russian Modern style.


The owners of the hotel have carefully preserved the original interiors. You will be able see restored forged staircases, ceramic fireplaces, and admire old stained glass windows. If you book a room in our hotel or visit Cafe Vera, you will be enchanted by the atmosphere from the early 20th century that has been lovingly recreated.

Hotel Vera preserved beautiful original stained glass windows. These are rare colorful and vulnerable works of industrial art of the early 20th century. You have to come to the Hotel Vera to truly enjoy this colorful collection.




The staircase of the Hotel Vera was built in the Russian Art Nouveau style with forged metal railings and unusual ornamental details.

Four rooms in Hotel Vera contain the original fireplaces decorated with patterned ceramic tiles. The fireplaces are still in good condition although they were made in 1903.

When entering, please notice the beautiful original moulded ceiling and art modern style windows and doors.


Russia, St.Petersburg, Suvorovsky  pr. 25/16

+7 (812) 702-61-90


Russia, St.Petersburg,

Suvorovsky  pr. 25/16

+7 (812)  702-61-90