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a tourist E-visa for the short stay (up to 8 days)

Right now is possible to apply for an electronic visa to visit the Leningrad region, whose administrative center is St. Petersburg, the second most important city in Russia.


This e-visa allows to move only within the Leningrad region. Therefore, this visa does not work if you want to move around other areas of Russia such as Moscow.


To enter Russia with this electronic visa, you must do so through one of the following border control points in the Leningrad region:


• Air crossing point: Pulkovo Airport of Saint Petersburg

• Automobile crossing points Ivangorod, Brusnychnoe, Svetogorsk, Terfjanovka.

• Pedestrian crossing point of Ivangorod.

• Sea crossing points: Port of Vysotsk, “Marine Station” of St. Petersburg and Passenger port of St. Petersburg.


At the moment it is not possible to apply for an electronic visa to St. Petersburg if you travel by train (Allegro or similar), from Helsinki (Finland) to St. Petersburg.


The e-visa is issued for a single entry and for a duration of up to 30 days from the date of issue, however, the maximum stay allowed in Russia is 8 days from the date of entry and within its period of validity. The validity of the e-visa can’t be extended.


The electronic visa is issued within a maximum period of 4 days from the date of the request, though it is usually ready in 2 days.


To request an E-visa visit


If you need an assistance to obtain a ordinary touristic Russian Visa (your country are not listed below or you need a visa for a longer stay) please contact us via to request a tourist voucher. To provide these documents Hotel Vera will need a payment, which depends of your citizenship.


From 1th October 2019 the citizens of the following countries get the opportunity to apply a tourist E-visa for the short stay (up to 8 days):


• Andorra

• Austria

• Bahrain

• Belgium

• Bulgaria

• China (including Taiwan)

• Croatia

• Cyprus

• Czech Republic

• Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)

• Denmark

• Estonia

• Finland

• France

• Germany

• Greece

• Hungary

• Iceland

• India

• Indonesia

• Iran

• Ireland

• Italy

• Japan

• Kuwait

• Latvia

• Liechtenstein

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Malaysia

• Malta

• Mexico

• Monaco

• Holland

• Northern Macedonia

• Norway

• Oman

• Philippines

• Poland

• Portugal

• Qatar

• Romania

• San Marino

• Saudi Arabia

• Serbia

• Singapore

• Slovakia

• Slovenia

• Spain

• Sweden

• Switzerland

• Turkey

• Vatican






Russia, St.Petersburg,

Suvorovsky  pr. 25/16

+7 (812)  702-61-90