Russia, St.Petersburg, Suvorovsky  pr. 25/16

+7 (812) 702-61-90


Hotel Vera offers four small to medium size halls which can be used for conferences, workshops, training sessions, classes, product/project presentation, etc. The largest Stepnov Hall seats up to 90 in а lecture format, and adjacent Modern Hall seats 40 more. These two halls can be used as one block with simultaneous video/audio transmission, or separately. Saint Petersburg Hall seats up to 35 in a lecture format, and can also be used for business meetings or panels in a “round table” format for 4-8-12-16 participants. Bunker Hall that opened in September 2017, is a private and comfortable location for informal meetings of up to 40 people.

Location of the conference halls in the same building as Hotel/Café Vera provides an easy and economical way to conduct out of town events, for setting up coffee breaks, meals and banquets for conference/training participants.

All these halls have multimedia equipment for audio/video presentations in HD format.

For more information on the conference halls, coffee breaks, etc. please write to or call +7 812 2712172


Russia, St.Petersburg,

Suvorovsky  pr. 25/16

+7 (812)  702-61-90