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Café Vera shares a cozy lobby / bar with Hotel Vera and operates Art Nouveau hall seating 25, Underground Hall seating 45, Stepnov Hall seating 80, Modern Hall seating 40 and Bunker Hall seating 45. 0ur menu consists of traditional Russian and European dishes that are cooked in a home-style manner.

A large portion of the menu consists of vegetarian or gluten-free options.  We want to make sure that our guests who have dietary preferences for vegetarian or gluten-free food have many dishes to choose from and enjoy dining in our Café.

Guests often remark that dining at Café Vera is like dining at a friends’ home.

The specialties of Cafe Vera (and favorite dishes of the owner, who dines at the cafe almost every day) include  our specialty salad Vera, beef stroganoff, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, various types of pizza, risotto and pasta with porcini.

Cafe Vera is popular for budget prix fixe lunches and dinners. A prix fixe dinner is served every night, and on weekdays, a prix fixe lunch is served from noon to 4:00 pm on weekdays.

The café also organizes banquets and weddings, and offers group catering for tourists visiting St Petersburg, as well as for corporate meetings and events. The Cafe regularly serves coffee and meals to corporate clients while renting conference rooms.


Step back in time to the beginning of the twentieth century while you enjoy your meal and experience the authentic atmosphere we have created with the utmost detail. The interior is fashioned in art nouveau style from the early twentieth century. In decorating the café and lobby, whenever possible, items that were used were authentic to the time period, or quality copies from the late XIX and early XX centuries.


The light fixtures that were used are U.S. originals from the 1920's, the Victorian wallpaper and fabric are replicas made in England, from originals dating to the 1860's, and Russian-made cupboards are in the style of the 1900's.


The railings on the stairway are a modern hand-forged replica of the original ironwork that was found in the building, and the stained  glass elements feature preserved elements of windows that were originally found on the stairway; they date back to 1902-1903.


The premises that are now Café Vera and the Hotel Vera lobby were previously a bakery and grocery store (1st floor), and cold storage (basement). Conversion of these premises took more than three years; it was necessary to reconstruct and strengthen the floor in order to build a ramp and make it accessible to hotel guests with rolling luggage and for those who use wheelchairs. We had to rearrange all common areas; the reception hall, the stairs, and the kitchen - all without changing the architectural elements of the building


Cafe Vera offers home style Russian and European cuisine

Room service is available

Discounts are offered to Hotel Vera guests off of the a la carte menu

Prix Fixe lunch and dinner

Cafe Direct Line - +7-812-271-2115

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