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Exhibitions and lectures at the hotel Current Exhibitions: "Two on top..."

On may 23, the exhibition of Boris Borsch And Oksana Zhirova "Two on top...". A vertex is a point of coincidence in time and space. Nature and artist. Thought and sight. Past and present. It's exactly the right sound caught in the chaos of noise. It is an opportunity to be born again and to be again. The exhibition featured paintings by two very different artists. For Oksana Zhirova painting is the way in which everything is a discovery. The beginning of the picture is always an internal impulse. The desire to create something that does not yet exist. And if this push is caught — anything can become in kind: a bouquet, a corner of the room, branches of trees, a person... And then all these ordinary objects, living and inanimate, become different, as if newly created. Boris Borsch said about his painting a wonderful phrase - "chronic plein air". Always nature. But working with nature is a difficult and very stressful state. Nature tries to dictate, to impose its. The artist goes on a fine line — not to succumb to nature, to preserve his look, himself, but at the same time to preserve it. What about the audience? And the viewer can experience the opportunity to be together with the artists.


"What about the audience? And the viewer can live with the artists the opportunity to experience the world of color, not black and white."

Russia, St.Petersburg,

Suvorovsky  pr. 25/16

+7 (812)  702-61-90