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Exhibitions and lectures at the hotel Current Exhibitions: "Painting and music ..."

What unites these two types of art? Everything is subject to harmonious relationships and rhythms. The ratio of color spots, lines in painting, the ratio of sounds and rhythms in music.

The Creator resonates with the universe and invites viewers and listeners for co-creation.

Music is very abstract. We don’t want, when we listen to good music, to customize the plot for it, to look for illustrations in nature or literature. In painting (it seemed to me) we still see familiar forms, and the mind clings to the plot. But while we were talking about the exhibition with Oksana Andreeva, I looked at one of her works. At first I saw nudity in it, but then only spots of color, their combination, ripple .... sounding became important to me.

In general, music turned out to be such a wide and deep topic for thought. When I was in the workshop of Aron Zinshtein, we did not talk about music. Yes, to be honest, we didn’t talk about painting either. I looked at the pictures, and something in me responded to how the sound of one instrument responded to the sound of another. And it was very cool!

On September, 10th at 19-30 in the Hotel Vera opens an exhibition of Oksana Andreeva and Aron Zinshtein. I think that all of us will find great joy - together with the artists to feel the resonance with the world.

Russia, St.Petersburg,

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+7 (812)  702-61-90