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Happy 2018, friends! We wish you well-being and success in the New Year!

Please note the short list of the important events of 2018 in Russia:


Russian citizens can now get an electronic passport starting this year – a plastic analog of the usual one.


January 15-21 – Figure Skating European Championship is being held in Russia.


March 28 – Presidential Elections in Russia.


June 14 – July 15 – FIFA World Cup in Russia.


Two high-speed railways will be opened for World Cup: Saint-Petersburg – Moscow and Moscow – Yekaterinburg.


The automotive bridge across Kerchenskiy strait will be opened in December 2018, the railway bridge – in 2019.


The opening of Lahta-Center (the tallest skyscraper in Russia and Europe) is planned for the end of 2019.

Forums and exhibitions in Saint Petersburg in 2018:

March 20-22 – Saint Petersburg Technical Fair.


March 21-23 – International Forum “Ecology of Big City”.


April 6-8 – International Tourist Exhibition “Leisure Without Borders”


April 11-13 – International Pharmaceutical Exhibition “IPHEB Russia”.


April 25-27 - Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF)


May 24-26 – Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)


September 13-15 - Global Fishery Forum & Seafood EXPO


September 18-21 – International Convention and Exhibition “Kino EXPO”


October 2-5 – The 8th Saint Petersburg International Gas Forum


October 2-5 – “ROS-GAS-EXPO 2018”


October 2-5 – “Offshore Marintec Russia” Arctic Marine Technologies Exhibition


October 11-13 – “INWETEX-CIS Travel Market” Huge international tourism exhibition


November 13-16 – “PAP-FOR Russia” International forum for pulp and paper industry


November 28-30 – International Forum “Russian Manufacturer”


The order to celebrate New Year was given first by Peter the Great. In the anticipation of New Year’s Eve Saint Petersburg has a special atmosphere. You can find a choice for any budget and taste in the current events guide, but the most popular between locals and guests of the city are New Year fun-fairs with souvenirs, toys for New Year tree and all types of treats for the feast. The main fairs will be held at Elagin island, Ostrovsky square, Pionerskaya square and Moskovskaya square.

“Modigliani, Soutine and other Montparnasse legends”

The Faberge Museum continues the series of colorful and rare expositions.


A unique collection of works of leading painters of the School of Paris from 1900-1930s, gathered by their contemporary patron Jonas Netter, was not available for the masses for more than 70 years – such was the decision of the collector’s family after his death in 1946. Netter was not a rich man and couldn’t buy impressionists’ paintings he saw in the galleries and museums. However, he financed the activities and bought the paintings of not famous yet young painters, such as Amedeo Modigliani, Chaim Soutine, Maurice Utrillo, Moise Kisling, Andre Derain. Nowadays the works of these painters are being acknowledged as the modernism classics and are the jewel of the best museum collections, their lifetime stories transformed into legends.

We should say that the exposition “Modigliani, Soutine and other Montparnasse legends” was formed in 2012 and had great success in several European museums, including the Paris Pinacotheque.



From Hotel Vera on trolleys №5, №7 and №11 to the “Malaya Sadovaya Street” stop, then 7-10 minute walk to the Fontanka River embankment, 21.


From the famous yellow blouse to the “soviet Dandy” suits

Did you know Vladimir Mayakovsky was a huge fashionmonger? At the exposition in the Museum of theatrical and musical arts you can see Mayakovsky’s personal belongings, paintings, photo and video media, that show that the looks had great importance to the poet. The exposition has several sections, marked by the years of poet’s creative work. The exposition is open until January 22nd 2018.


From Hotel Vera on trolleys №5, №7 and №11 to the “Malaya Sadovaya Street” stop, then 5 minutes walk to Ostrovsky square, 6.


November 2017

In the main headquarters of the Hermitage, now every visitor can see a film in the format of virtual reality. The creators of the film "The Hermitage. Virtual immersion in time and space "it was possible to reproduce historical events from the time of Catherine II to the present day in the format of the latest technologies, the viewer should wear special glasses.


Hurry up! Be pioneers! After all, this technology has not yet been applied by any museum in the world!


The Hermitage to the 100th anniversary of the events of 1917

Extensive exhibition project "Winter Palace and the Hermitage in 1917. The story was created here "invites us to look at the revolution through the prism of time. The central exhibitions unfolded in the main halls of the Winter Palace, and the items shown in the Nikolaev Hall shed light on the circumstances that led to the February Revolution, the abdication of the emperor and the October coup.


From the Hotel Vera on trolleybuses №7 and №11 to the stop "Dvortsovaya Ploschad. Hermitage"


"The world's largest planetarium has opened!"

In the historic building of the old gasholder on the embankment of the Obvodny Canal 74C, the Planetarium No. 1 was opened. The main attraction of the planetarium is a projection dome with a diameter of 37 meters, an image on which will transmit forty powerful projectors. In the future, the total area of ​​the complex will be 4 thousand square meters and will combine a star hall, a museum with space exhibits, interactive halls with virtual reality, educational classes and an observatory.

Currently, the Star Hall is open, for more information visit:


From the Hotel Vera by bus number 54 to the stop "metro station" Obvodny Canal "and then 15 minutes on foot along the embankment of Obvodny Canal to the house №74C.


October 2017


The main museums of St. Petersburg have prepared numerous exhibitions and expositions for the 100th anniversary of Great October Revolution. Undoubtedly, the main one takes place in the Museum of Political History - leaflets and posters, awards and newsreels of that time introduce visitors to the tragedy of Russians caught in the epicenter of the armed struggle. The Hermitage hosts «Assault of the Winter Palace» ─ a large-scale association of numerous exhibitions that will be opened in different halls of the museum throughout the year. On the main date - October 25th, the light show will take place in the evening at the Palace Square, during which the audience will be transferred to the atmosphere of the last days of October 1917.


Museum of Political History can be reached from Hotel Vera in 25 minutes by bus 46 ("Troitskaya Ploshchad" stop), to the Palace Square and the Hermitage on trolleybuses №5, №7 and №11 (stop "Dvortsovaya Ploshchad").


Shopping center « Gallery» offers to see one of the most unusual and spectacular expositions - "The Art of LEGO". More than 80 piece of art was recreated from the famous LEGO, including the classic of world and cultural heritage, portraits of celebrities, characters of films and cartoons. This exhibition proves that in the hands of the artist LEGO is not just a toy, but a matter for creating masterpieces.


From Hotel Vera to the «Gallery» shopping centre about 20 minutes on foot or 10 minutes by buses №54 and №74 (stop «Moskovsky railway station»)


From the collection of the National Center for Plastic Arts in France in the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum came an amazing collection of modern video art. Over the next nine months, the museum will display the installations of nine outstanding artists of our time - one month for each exhibition. Unique performances with elements of dance and sound, movies and photos will delight every amateur of modern art. Also lectures and special film screenings are planned within the framework of the project.


From Hotel Vera to the Marble Palace about 20 minutes by bus number 46 (stop "Suvorov Square")

September 2017

St. Petersburg will compete with London, Paris, Barcelona and Athens

St. Petersburg was included in the shortlist of several nominations for the international World Travel Awards. The city was nominated in three following categories: "Best European City Destination", "Best European Cruise Destination 2017" and "Best City of Europe for Short Trips". The formulation of the last nomination led to the question: "Why are they short?". Local residents, for example, are convinced that a lifetime may not be enough to study and admire this stunning city!

"Day D"

This year Sergey Dovlatov would have turned 76 years old. The festival "Day D" is celebrated for the second year and is timed to the writer's birthday - September 3. The main events will unfold on September 9 and 10 in the area of ​​Rubinshtein Street and Nevsky Prospekt, as well as in the Kurdoner's house at Rubinshtein 23, where Dovlatov family lived. I would like to draw your attention to some of the festival's events:


08.09 at 20:00 the performance of Alexander Filippenko "Dovlatov & all that jazz" in the Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta (the 29th line of Vasilevsky Island, 2A)


09.09 at 12:00 presentation of the book by Lev and Sophia Lurie " Dovlatov’s Leningrad " in the Park of Culture and Reading (Nevsky Prospekt, 46)


09.09 at 18:00 a creative meeting with Vladimir Voinovich "Memories of the 60s" in the Journalist House (Nevsky pr., 70)


09.09 at 19:00 the opening of the exhibition of Alexander Florensky and at 20:00 reading of Dovlatov’s prose by Alexander Tsypkin in the cafe "Rubinstein" (Rubinshtein str., 20)


10.09 at 13:00 a tour of Leo Lurie on Dovlatov’s sites and sites of the "second thaw", from 12:00 to 19:00 every hour the same tour passes with a guide, starts on Rubinstein, 23


10.09 from 12 to 23:00 in the yard of the house 23 on Rubinstein Street the crowd will sing, dance, read prose and poetry, even a fox terrier parade will be held; Dovlatov had a dog of this breed named Glasha.


11.09 at 20:00 Sergey Soloviev "Cool knead of the 60's. Creative evening "in the Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta (29th line of Vasilievsky Island, 2A)


For more information, please visit the festival website


 From Hotel Vera to Rubinshtein street you can reach by trolley buses №5, №7 and №11, get off at Liteiny/Anichkov Most.

The perfect souvenir from St. Petersburg

The products of the Imperial Porcelain Factory are perhaps the most exquisite St. Petersburg souvenirs. The factory was founded in 1744 and became the first porcelain factory in Russia. In Soviet times, the word "Imperial" was replaced by "Leningrad" and the famous abbreviation ЛФЗ (Leningrad Porcelain Factory) on the back of a saucer or a cup from my mother's or grandmother's service, stood for quality, for good taste and, most importantly, for being a part of the beloved city and its traditions . Since then, nothing has changed, a cup with a saucer of "cobalt with gilding" or "my garden" can still be bought in the shops of St. Petersburg Porcelain Factory. Of course you can buy porcelain figurines, tea and coffee couples, sets and miniature porcelain souvenirs.


 The nearest to Hotel Vera company store is at Nevsky Prospekt, 160. It's 15-20 minutes by foot or by bus number 46 in the direction of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, get off at "Alexander Nevsky Street".

August 2017

Kolomna is a St. Petersburg district, which to this day keeps the atmosphere of the beginning of the last century, Kolomna is a district of St. Petersburg, which to this day keeps the atmosphere of the beginning of the last century, where the border between the present and the past is blurred. And if you have never been to this part of the city - we strongly recommend that you visit Kolomna.

Apartment-museum of Alexander Blok

From August 7 to September 7 six well-known watercolors tell about St. Petersburg of Alexander Blok in the exhibition project "Erase the random  tracks - and you will see: the world is beautiful!". As you know, the life and work of the poet were inextricably linked with the city on the Neva, and specifically with Kolomna, where he lived for nine years in what is now his apartment-museum.

Ul. Decembrists, 57, daily from 11:00 to 17:00, except Wednesday. Tickets: 100-150 rubles

From Hotel Vera trolleybus №5, №7 and №11 to “Ploschad Vosstaniya” and change to bus №22 to the stop "English Prospect". You can also walk on Suvorovsky North three blocks to Kirochnaya and take bus 22 West on the corner of Kirochnaya and Suvorovsky.


On the "New Holland" island opened former prisoners' tower that is popularly called a "Bottle", built in the beginning of the XIX century in a distinctive round shape, reminiscent of a bottle neck. There is an opinion that a popular expression "to climb into a bottle", which means to start a hot argument, appeared in everyday life due to the construction and purpose of this building. According to some information, the three-story ring-shaped structure served as a prototype of English prison in the city of Osborne. In total, the building of the marine prison could accommodate up to 500 criminals on two floors, and the first floor was reserved for household needs. There were storerooms, a bakery and a prisoner's kitchen.


In the new history of the island, the development of the Bottle has been the first commercial experience in which each floor of the building was designated for a specific purpose and function. The first floor is for food: cafes, shops, cozy private areas; Second floor - design and fashion, there is also a large bookshop; On the third floor there are yoga rooms, ballet classes, beauty salon and spa; The fourth floor houses the management of New Holland and the archive of the Museum of Modern Art "Garage". The inner courtyard of the building is a place for various open air activities.


From the Hotel Vera trolleybus №5 to Ploshad Truda, Central Naval Museum, then walk 5-7min along the embankment of the Admiralty Canal to the only entrance to the island.

Walking route

Hay area - Yusupov Gardens - Yusupov Palace - St. Nicholas Cathedral - The Mariinsky Theater -Konservatoriya - The second stage of the Mariinsky Theater - Naval Museum (Square of Labor.) - New Holland - Bobrinskys Palace - House Schroeter - Alexis Palace - Mariinsky Theater Concert Hall - Large Choral synagogue - Isidorovskaya church - Square Kharitonov - Egyptian bridge - Trinity Cathedral - Museum-Estate Derzhavina - Youth theater on the Fontanka - Military Medical Academy - Obukhov area - Three sisters (mansions on the Fontanka Embankment 97.) – Sennaya Ploschad.


Please contact Hotel Vera reception for a map of the city center of St. Petersburg. (Free of charge)

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