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August 2017

Kolomna is a St. Petersburg district, which to this day keeps the atmosphere of the beginning of the last century, Kolomna is a district of St. Petersburg, which to this day keeps the atmosphere of the beginning of the last century, where the border between the present and the past is blurred. And if you have never been to this part of the city - we strongly recommend that you visit Kolomna.

Apartment-museum of Alexander Blok

From August 7 to September 7 six well-known watercolors tell about St. Petersburg of Alexander Blok in the exhibition project "Erase the random  tracks - and you will see: the world is beautiful!". As you know, the life and work of the poet were inextricably linked with the city on the Neva, and specifically with Kolomna, where he lived for nine years in what is now his apartment-museum.

Ul. Decembrists, 57, daily from 11:00 to 17:00, except Wednesday. Tickets: 100-150 rubles

From Hotel Vera trolleybus №5, №7 and №11 to “Ploschad Vosstaniya” and change to bus №22 to the stop "English Prospect". You can also walk on Suvorovsky North three blocks to Kirochnaya and take bus 22 West on the corner of Kirochnaya and Suvorovsky.


On the "New Holland" island opened former prisoners' tower that is popularly called a "Bottle", built in the beginning of the XIX century in a distinctive round shape, reminiscent of a bottle neck. There is an opinion that a popular expression "to climb into a bottle", which means to start a hot argument, appeared in everyday life due to the construction and purpose of this building. According to some information, the three-story ring-shaped structure served as a prototype of English prison in the city of Osborne. In total, the building of the marine prison could accommodate up to 500 criminals on two floors, and the first floor was reserved for household needs. There were storerooms, a bakery and a prisoner's kitchen.


In the new history of the island, the development of the Bottle has been the first commercial experience in which each floor of the building was designated for a specific purpose and function. The first floor is for food: cafes, shops, cozy private areas; Second floor - design and fashion, there is also a large bookshop; On the third floor there are yoga rooms, ballet classes, beauty salon and spa; The fourth floor houses the management of New Holland and the archive of the Museum of Modern Art "Garage". The inner courtyard of the building is a place for various open air activities.


From the Hotel Vera trolleybus №5 to Ploshad Truda, Central Naval Museum, then walk 5-7min along the embankment of the Admiralty Canal to the only entrance to the island.

Walking route

Hay area - Yusupov Gardens - Yusupov Palace - St. Nicholas Cathedral - The Mariinsky Theater -Konservatoriya - The second stage of the Mariinsky Theater - Naval Museum (Square of Labor.) - New Holland - Bobrinskys Palace - House Schroeter - Alexis Palace - Mariinsky Theater Concert Hall - Large Choral synagogue - Isidorovskaya church - Square Kharitonov - Egyptian bridge - Trinity Cathedral - Museum-Estate Derzhavina - Youth theater on the Fontanka - Military Medical Academy - Obukhov area - Three sisters (mansions on the Fontanka Embankment 97.) – Sennaya Ploschad.


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