The autumn Petersburg has a special atmosphere and rhythm, distinct from summer. The start of the theatrical season implies going out to theaters and exhibitions, and walks in the parks accompanied by leaves and autumn colors give them special charm. The tickets for the annual autumn “Peterhof fountains closing” are already on sale. It will take place on the 21st and 22nd of September, starts at 21:00.

September 2018 Mystery artist

From the 14th of September until 5th of November in one of art spaces, which is being held in secret almost until the start, there will be held an exhibition of 100 objects of world-famous street-artist Banksy. These are original works, 3D-objects, rare prints, photos and much more. An artist with a motto “catch me if you can”, provocateur and joker, he has changed the public opinion on the street art. His ironic and witty works aimed against the war, politics, capitalism and moralism are at the aim of photographers, journalists, art critics and collectioners. The Banksy art is the modern mythology and each one of us can see the modern times reflected in it.

3D- tour
Hermitage. Leiden collection.

Starting on the 5th of September the masterpieces of Netherland art of XVII century from the private Kaplan collection will be shown at the Nikolaevsky hall of the Hermitage. The Leiden collection called after the city where Rembrandt was born was started in 2003. Kaplans, with the passion to the art of Rembrandt and his contemporaries, managed to get a various collection of masters of so called sophisticated art. You can see the paintings of Frank Hals, Jan Vermeer, Rembrandt and his students, as well as two magnificent pictures: “The bear head” of Da Vinci and “Resting young lion” of Rembrandt. Also, eight Hermitage masterpieces are included into the exhibition. The exhibition lasts until 13th of January 2019.


From Hotel Vera on trolleys 5,7, 11 to the “Dvortsovaya square”.

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