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March 2018

Everyone knows the history of the March holiday (which is noted by UN as the Day for the women rights), but there are places on Earth where this history is traditionally ignored. Here in Russia for example the 8th of March is the holiday of spring and beauty! This is the celebration for our mothers and loved women! On this day we give flowers, ask guests to come and set the tables. And by the way – Hotel Vera congratulates all women with the 8th of March! Be happy, loved and healthy, Dear women!

Soviet Modernism

“Looking for a modern style. Leningrad experience. Second half of 50s – mid 60s.” exhibition has opened in the Mramorny palace. Visiting this exhibition is like an excursion to the Soviet past: these items we love and remember from the childhood, from the apartments and dachas of our grandparents and parents. The exhibition is composed from more than 200 items of arts and crafts, graphics, paintings and sculptures – the first signs of “modern style” in the Soviet art. As distinct from Stalinist Empire style and avant-garde these items should have been accessible for everyone and easily fit into the homes. Pictures, statuettes, dinnerware sets and other works of Leningrad artists started a new wave in arts – Soviet modernism. The exhibition is open until 16th of April, Tuesdays off. Address: Millionnaya street, 5/1.


From Hotel Vera on bus 46 to the stop “Suvorovsakaya ploshad”, then 5 minutes on foot.


“Boris Smelov” in the General Headquarters

The photographer Boris Smelov was known as a legend of Petersburg photography even while he was alive. His life was short, only 47 years (1951-1998), but his artistic expression of Petersburg is staggering and is equal to Brodsky poetry. The Smelov’s key genre is city landscape. Only 20 works in black and white, gifted to the Hermitage by collector N.N. Gordeev in 2015, compose this humble by the scale exhibition. But every one of them is amazing! Open until 1st of April, Mondays off.


From Hotel Vera on trolley 5, 7, 11 to the stop “Dvortsovaya Square”, entrance to the General Headquarters from the Dvortsovaya Square.


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